Pattaya City Development Plan for the coming 3 years (2018-2021)

Pattaya Lawyers Council by Mr. Chanyut Youngpreeda, Vice Chairman of Pattaya Lawyers Council, Mr. Pandawat Pimsakul, Secretary of Pattaya Lawyers Council attended the meeting with Pattaya City on the draft amendment of the Pattaya City Development Plan for the coming 3 years (2018-2021).

Mr. Vichien Pongpanich (Pattaya City Vice President) presided over the meeting. Mr. Chanapong Sriwisit (Pattaya City Permanent Secretary), Mr. Wutthiphol Charoenphan (Deputy Permanent Secretary of Pattaya City), Mr. Setthapol Boonsawat (Vice President, Pattaya City Justice Center) Mr. Sakdi YomSri, Mr.Choduck Chothkumjorn (Member of Pattaya City Council),  Chairman Community 42, Pattaya City Police and other relevant government agencies participated in the meeting.

Remembrance 14 years of Father Ray’s

On the 5th of August 2017, Mr. Narit Niramaiwong, Banglamung District Chief,  opened the ceremony  “Remembrance 14 years of  Father Ray’s” and joined the event of growing Arai flower and marigold flowers, known as “Yellow Orchid in Thailand” at the Hall of the Redemptorist Center, Pattaya.

Priest Pattarapong Srivorakul, President of Ray Foundation, discussed the purpose of the event. Some honored guests graced the ceremony; Mr. Chanyut Hengtrakul (Former Secretary of the Minister of Education), Mr. Poramate Ngampichet(Former Chonburi MP), Mr. Rattanachai Sutthidechanai (Former Pattaya City Councilor), Mr. Mana Yaprakam(President of Pattaya City Cultural Council), Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon(Chairman of the Pattaya Lawyers Council), Mr.Chanyut Yungpreda (Vice Chairman of Pattaya Lawyers Council), Ms. Pannee Limcharoen (Director of Pattaya City Social Development Office) and the Redemptorist administrators.

Meeting for the coming “Rapee Day” Activities

On July 6, 2017, Mr. Manop Jaratchanyawong, The Chief Justice of Pattaya Court and Mr. Kasem Supasith, Chief Justice of Pattaya Khwaeng Court, chaired the meeting at Pattaya Court. The main agenda for this meeting was for the preparation for the “Rapee Day” activities.

Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon, the chairman of Pattaya Lawyers’ Council and representatives of the Ministry of Justice attended the meeting to commemorate and honor His Majesty King Rapeepatanasak, Royal Flora Ratchaburi Dirhamrit Father of Thai law.

Pattaya Lawyers Council Attended a Training Course

Pattaya Lawyers Council Attended a Training Course

On June 28, 2017, Pattaya Lawyers Council attended a training course on the Justice Department’s Justice Coordinating Program in the Jurisdiction of the Pattaya District Court for the year 2017, at the Welcome World Beach Resort & Spa Pattaya Hotel.

RUAAC Charity Golf Tournament Meeting

Ramkhamhaeng Alumni Association's Charity Golf Tournament Meeting

Ramkhamheang University Alumni Association Chonburi (RUAAC), headed by Mr. Komsan Eakachai (Former Governor of Chonburi Province), and the committee attended the 2nd Ramkhamhaeng Alumni Association’s Charity Golf Tournament meeting at Bruno’s Restaurant & Bar.

Pattaya Lawyers Council Extraordinary Meeting

Pattaya Lawyers Council Extraordinary Meeting No. 2/2017

Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon, Chairman of Pattaya Lawyer Council, presided over the Pattaya Lawyers Council Extraordinary Meeting at Pattaya Lawyers’ Council Building, Magna Carta Building at South Pattaya


1. Set up a working structure between the Pattaya Lawyers Council and Pattaya Lawyers Association and set the date for the election of the Pattaya Lawyers Association Chairman.
2. Legal Training Seminar Labor Law for Citizens and SME Entrepreneurs by Pattaya Lawyers Council.
3. Coordinated to organize an academic seminar of the Lawyers Council under Royal the Patronage in Pattaya.
4. Pattaya Lawyers Council organized social activity, the marigold seedlings distribution to lawyers and the public for planting and growing Yellow Marigold flowers to show love and gratitude to the “Father of the Land” King Rama IX.

RUAAC Charity Works at Learning Center for Children with Chronic Illness

RUAAC Charity Works at Learning Center for Children with Chronic Illness

Newly Appointed Chief Justice of Pattaya Court

On 11 April 2017, Pattaya Lawyers Council, headed by Mr. Chalermwat “Pico” Wimuktayon, with its Board of Advisors and Lawyers, Deputy Chairman of Pattaya Lawyers Council Acting Sub. Lt. Chanyut Yungpreda, and Secretary Mr. Pantawat  Pimsagul, congratulated Mr. Manop Charasananyawong for his appointment as the Chief Justice of Pattaya Court.

Farewell Party for Mr. Vachira Thaninsorn


On 28 March 2017, Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon (Chairman of Pattaya Lawyers Council), Advisory Board, and Mr. Choduck Chothkumjorn (Pattaya City Council) attended the farewell party for Mr. Vachira Thaninsorn, Chief Justice of Pattaya District Court and the Pattaya District Court Judge.  The celebration was held at Ravindra Beach Na Jomtien.