Family Law


Thailand Family Law is the branch of law that deals with domestic-related issues in the nature of marriage, domestic partnerships, spouse abuse, child adoption, child abuse, child custody, divorce and property settlements.

Family related cases can be a very sensitive area. Therefore, it requires a very professional and dedicated service to a couple who may be filing for divorce or legal separation.


While a couple may agree to divorce, things could become complicated and be contested when it comes to some important conjugal matters such as child custody and sharing of properties.  [Read More]


Either the parents or the court can decide who will have the primary child custody after divorce.  For unmarried couples, the mother shall have the sole custody of the child. The father must first register the child legitimation at the local district office. This procedure of legitimizing the child is necessary before a father can enter into a custody agreement with the mother. [Read More]


Child Support is a payment usually made by a non-custodial divorced parent as a legal obligation to provide for the financial care and costs of raising his or her minor child or children. The amount and up to what extent shall be according to the Court’s decision. [Read More]


A prenuptial agreement is a written contract between two people in anticipation of marriage. It normally lists all the properties each person owns and defines the rights and obligations of both parties. It specifies how to manage their finances during the course of marriage. This will also define what each person’s property rights will be, in case of termination of marriage either by death, divorce or cancellation by court. [Read More]

At Magna Carta Law Firm, our family lawyers are accomplished professional in the field of Family Law Services, providing mediation  to couples going through family related matters.  We work with couples and families to reach fair and enforceable agreements while saving money and avoiding court litigation by helping couples understand the law on domestic-related issues and divorce law in Thailand.