We offer Monthly Accounting Services and we have the best accounting team to assist you.

MAGNA CARTA LAW FIRM provides monthly accounting services, monthly tax reporting and social security reporting, and tax payment to the Revenue Department and other relevant government authorities on behalf of our clients.

Our accountants will help you in the preparation, submission, and filing of the following:

  • PND 3 – Withholding corporate income tax returns for juristic persons and natural persons.
  • Withholding tax between juristic persons PND 53
  • PND 1 – Withholding personal income tax returns
  • PP 30 – Input tax – sales tax summary document that business owners must use to file VAT returns to the Revenue Department every month
  • SSO1-03 -Registration of the Insured Person/employee Registration
  • SSO6-09 – Notification of the insured person ending 
  • SSO1-10 – Submission of Social Security Fund


  1. Any relevant sales, purchase, and expenses documents
    • Invoice and receipt or cash bills used as evidence to submit Value Added Tax Return under the Revenue Code (P.P.30) and the statement record for closing annual balance sheet

2. Withholding tax documents (if any)

3. Documents for employee social security submission

    • Copy of ID card with the start working date and salary (specify the start date of working and in case of resignation and lay-off only)

If you need to outsource your Accounting requirements, we have the best team to assist you. Leave the accounting tasks to our experts so you could just focus on how to grow your business. Book an appointment now!