Clubhouse App is Booming

Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat serving as an online platform for its users to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas based on their interests.  This is an audio-only set-up, which means there are no texts, videos, and images, except for the user’s profile picture. Various interesting people, professionals, prominent personalities, influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, media presses, etc. are hosting Clubhouse rooms.  This will give its users the opportunity to gain insights from the experts and join conversation within the community.  There are several discussions occurring at the same time, thus allowing users to shift speakers and topics at any time.  Various conversational...

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First Trimester Abortion in Thailand: Approved!

First Trimester Abortion in Thailand

The Government Gazette has announced an amendment to Criminal Code, Section 301 and 305, making it legal for women to terminate their pregnancy of up to not more than 12 weeks. Previously, most type of abortion in Thailand is illegal. Now, a person is considered not guilty and shall not be liable to legal punishments if such abortion is made by an act of medical practitioners and according to the criteria of the Medical Council with the following circumstances: 1. Pregnant women who are physically or psychologically at risk. 2. There is a high risk of serious fetal disabilities or genetic disorders. 3. The...

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Online Witness Examination

online witness examination

Thailand Court now supports online witness examination. This is due to the recent Covid-19 situation wherein people are unable to travel to Thailand to testify. Any litigant wishing to examine their witnesses must submit a petition to the court. The litigant must pay the extra regulatory fee for online witness examination. They also have to specify which applications to use for the court hearing, such as LINE, ZOOM, FaceTime, etc. Once the court approves the petition, the appointment of the witness hearing is then scheduled. The court conducts only one witness examination on screen per day, from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00am...

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Thailand Considers Legalizing Abortion

The cabinet recently approved a draft amendment to the Criminal Code proposing to legalize abortion for pregnancies of not more than 12 weeks. This amendment aims to address the concerns of women of their rights to life and body. According to The Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Medical Council of Thailand, it is safer to have an abortion during the 12-week period of pregnancy.   The amendment also outlines exceptions, that will allow termination of pregnancies to happen and that would reduce the penalties for having an abortion for pregnancies of more than 12 weeks. Moreover, it includes...

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You can make a VALID and LEGAL Last Will and Testament for your assets in Thailand even if you are not in Thailand   Due to the recent Covid-19 travel restrictions, we know that one of your main concerns is managing your affairs in Thailand. This includes planning your estate or all your assets in Thailand in anticipation of sudden incapacitation or death.You can protect your assets in Thailand and secure your loved ones by making a Last Will and Testament.You do not need to be in Thailand to make a valid Will! Our lawyers and advisors are here to help and...

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Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) in Thailand

Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) This is a mandatory quarantine procedure of at least 14 days for arriving travellers at any government-accredited hotels in Bangkok. The traveller has to bear all the quarantine expenses. Several hotels in Thailand, in cooperation with different hospitals, have launched their respective Alternative State Quarantine Packages for those returning from overseas. On the other hand, Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ) is for quarantine in cities outside Bangkok. This includes Chonburi, Phuket, and Prachinburi. For Medical purposes, there are hospitals providing Alternative  Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) packages. Travellers via Subharnabhumi or Don Mueang International Airport can be quarantined both in Bangkok and Chonburi. Travellers...

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Completing Property Transfers in Thailand During Covid-19

Dear Purchasers, It has come to our attention that many clients who are due to complete on property purchases are worried because they cannot yet get back to Thailand. We would like to advise you that there is no need to worry as the land office has a set protocol to allow transfers to take place and complete without the buyer actually being in Thailand. The process is as follows; We compete a specific power of attorney using the land office own form. We then email that to you in English (for your reference so you can understand what you are signing) and Thai...

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Aerotropolis Development | EEC

EEC Aerotropolis

An aerotropolis is a city where the layout, infrastructure, industry, and economy are centered on and sustained by an airport. The aerotropolis enhances economic development within 20-30 kilometers from the airport, which serves as a multimodal "airport city" commercial center. It is similar in form to a traditional city, which contains The airport’s aeronautical, logistics, and commercial facilities, anchoring a multimodal, multifunctional airport city as its center; andOutlying corridors and clusters of aviation-oriented businesses and industries, and associated residential developments that feed off each other and their accessibility to the airport and other key transport and urban nodes. - Logistics and distribution centres- High-value,...

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2019 Children’s Day

In celebration of this year’s Thailand National Children’s Day, the Magna Carta Group, together with the Banglamung District, Pattaya Lawyer's Council, R.U. Alumni Association Chonburi, and TBTI, joyously distributed stationeries, toys, and candies to the children who participated in this festive event held at Banglamung District Office last January 2. The annual Children's Day celebration has always been a much-awaited event because all the fun and treats are greatly bringing smiles to all the children’s faces. [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="14248,14249,14250,14251,14252,14253,14254,14255,14256,14257,14258"]...

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Thailand SMART Visa

The Thailand SMART Visa is a new type of visa designed to encourage highly skilled professionals and investors to support the development of Thailand’s targeted industries. SMART Visa is open to foreign specialists, executives, entrepreneurs and investors who want to work or to invest in the 10 S-Curve industries or targeted industries. Thailand Smart Visa applications will only apply to the ‘S-Curve’ targeted industries: First S-Curve Industries Next-Generation Automotive Intelligent Electronics Advance Agriculture and Biotechnology Food Processing High Wealth and Medical Tourism The Five New S-Curve Industries Digital Industry Automation and Robotics Aviation and Logistics Biochemical and Biofuel Comprehensive Healthcare Industry   Thailand SMART Visa...

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