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Magna Carta Law Firm’s team of certified accountants give expert tax planning services and advice.  We help business owners in accomplishing their tax requirements and complying with their deadlines.


Tax planning is the analysis of a financial situation or plan from a tax point of view. It is an essential part of a financial plan in order to minimize your business tax liability. Hence, you can be able to save or invest more money by adapting effective tax management strategies. This however, must be in accordance to accounting laws, accounting standards, and other relevant laws.


Systematic tax management prevents tax problems in any way and helps the entrepreneurs to access the benefits for tax deduction. At the same time, it maximizes the benefits of the business under conditions and compliance with the law. 

When you open a company in Thailand, whether it is for trading or non-trading business, all companies have the obligation to pay for tax.  That is why it is necessary to understand and set up a good tax management system. Business owners need to understand its local principle: income and expense, profit and loss, tax deduction, tax calculation methods, and tax filing methods.


Managing your tax obligations is a complex matter, especially for foreigners, as it definitely requires certain expertise. At Magna Carta Law Firm, we provide comprehensive tax planning services. Our group of professional accountants can surely help you in setting up your financial and tax management to ensure that your business is handled with the most efficient tax management. Contact us now.