Do you need Divorce Lawyers in Thailand?

Not all marriages are meant to last. If you and your partner are currently on the verge of ending your relationship through divorce, it is necessary to contemplate your possible divorce options. Breaking up is never simple, especially if you have finances and children that you need to consider. Seek the help of divorce lawyers to help you gain clarity on this difficult decision you both have to make.

2 Types of Divorce in Thailand


An uncontested divorce is the termination of a marriage by mutual consent. The procedure is typically faster. There is less emotional stress involved for both parties, as well as for their children and respective families, because it enables the couple to end their marriage in a civilized manner.

An uncontested divorce is possible only if the couple has no disagreements over children or property. There is no need to have grounds for divorce. The couple’s mutual decision to end the marriage is enough.

A settlement or divorce agreement should contain provisions regarding the terms of the sharing of assets, child custody and support, alimony, and other important matters. Without such an agreement, the matter shall be decided by the court. We recommend that you decide these matters beforehand and formalize them in a divorce contract. This will guarantee that there are no disagreements before you go to the registrar’s office. The details of the divorce conditions will be specified in the divorce registration.



A contested divorce occurs when either spouse does not agree with the terms of the separation or has broken the marriage agreement. This type of divorce allows one party to seek the court’s help in dissolving the marriage, subject to one of the grounds prescribed under Thai law:

  • A 3-year period of separation;
  • Desertion for over one year;
  • The wife has committed adultery;
  • The husband has taken another woman as his wife;
  • Guilty of misconduct (criminal or otherwise);
  • One spouse has physically or mentally abused the other;
  • Lack of maintenance and support;
  • Broken the bond of good behavior;
  • Incurable insanity for at least 3 years;
  • Incurable, communicable, and dangerous disease;
  • Uncontested dissolution of marriage

While a couple may agree to divorce, things could become complicated and be contested when it comes to some important conjugal matters, such as child custody and the sharing of properties. Unlike an uncontested divorce, you lose control of the divorce process once a judge becomes involved. The judge may come up with an arrangement that neither of you will be comfortable with. He may also come up with a property settlement where you lose things that were more valuable to you.

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There are a lot of common misconceptions about divorce. The experiences of divorced couples may not necessarily be the same as yours, as every situation is different. Misinformation can lead you into trouble, so better be sure to get properly informed of all the legalities, rights, and obligations before signing any agreements concerning divorce.

We have listed a few common misconceptions that should clear up some points of confusion about divorce.