Property transaction

Magna Carta Law Firm has a team of experts in dealing with the Land Office and other relevant government offices to conduct real estate or property transaction services.


 Our Property Transaction Services include the following:

• Transfer of Property Ownership

The transfer of property takes place at the Land Office after building the property, signing the contract, and paying all the installments.   Our team has the right people to assist and represent you at the Land Office for the transfer of property ownership. [Read More]

• Right of Way Registration (Servitude)

In some cases, you may find that a part of your land is being used by others. One common example is when your land inevitably becomes the only pathway or a walkway of entrance and exit for your neighbors. Registration of land servitude is then important to settle legal agreements between the landlords in order to admit a burden and restrict the benefits of the servitude in the property.


• Request for Land Title Deed Substitute Copy

In case the title deed is damaged or lost, it is necessary to contact the Land Office to request a copy of the document. The owner has to submit evidence of ownership to prove the intent of the request. However, what the owner can obtain is only a substitute document, with a red stamp at the document header. The reason is that land title deeds in Thailand have only two originals, one held by the owner and the other is in the Land Office.

• Combine / Sub-divide Land

We can help you if you need to combine land or Sub-divide the land in smaller plots.

• Application for House Registration

Thailand House Registration Book or Tabien Bahn is an official document issued by the Local Municipality or District Office to Thai nationals, as well as foreigners, owning a residential property in Thailand, as proof of a person’s permanent legal address and voting district.


We can help you to register your property and obtain Thailand House Registration Book. [Read More]