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We have a team of licensed Notarial Services Attorneys to attend to any need for Notary Services.

Notarization is an official fraud-deterrent process performed by Notary Public or Notary Services Attorney to certify a document.  This process solidifies the important document as trustworthy.  It is an assurance that a document is authentic, that the signature is genuine, and that its signer acted without coercion or intimidation.


Many countries require notarization for personal or commercial documents originating from or signed in another country before they can officially use or legally recognize such a document.


The scope of our Notary services include:

  1. certify passports, marriage certificate, birth certificate, and bank statements
  2. certify land title deeds
  3. overseeing signing of legal contracts
  4. drafting and certifying Power of Attorney (POA)
  5. witnessing signature on applications for international visa, etc.

Be sure to bring an unsigned document because you need to sign them in front of the Notarial Services Attorney. You then have to present your original proof of identification with photo and signature such as Passport or other government issued ID. Afterwards, the Notarial Services Attorney will sign your document and then mark with a stamp or seal. This is to indicate that the signature is legitimate and it wasn’t somebody else pretending as you.


A Notarial Services Attorney confirms the signer’s identity. He/she also certifies that they appeared and signed the document before them. Once notarized, a document will have much more legal credibility.


Notaries are not responsible for the accuracy or legality of the content of the documents they notarize because notaries merely certify the identity of signers. Overall, they have no responsibility to verify a document’s content. Hence, the signers are responsible for the content of their own documents.


We can help you if you need to sign an affidavit or other documents requiring oath, or a legal document such as a Power of Attorney, a deed, or other writings that needs acknowledgment before a Notarial Services Attorney.  You need to appear personally at Magna Carta Law Firm, South Pattaya, with your original identification cards and documents.


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Notary Services from Magna Carta Law Firm Pattaya

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