Criminal and Civil Litigation Services

Criminal Litigation Services

Our team of criminal defense lawyers has a proven track record of successfully representing clients in numerous challenging litigation matters. They deal with all types of criminal cases and have enormous experience representing clients involved in different criminal litigation cases. Our litigation lawyers’ professional experience, meticulous trial preparation, and excellent communication skills make our clients trust us at all stages of the litigation process.

Civil Litigation Services

Our civil litigation services generally include all disputes about any subject in which one party claims that another party has committed a wrongful act but not a crime. The civil litigation process begins when one party files a complaint against another party, suing for compensation for damages or for a remedy that requires one party to do something or to stop certain acts.

We deal with Civil matters such as:

• Property Disputes

Property dispute cases involve disagreements about property ownership, conflicts over boundaries, responsibility for construction repairs, zoning concerns, blocked views, breach of contract, landlord and tenant disputes, as well as real estate fraud.

• Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are usually a common case in civil litigation. The person liable for causing the injury as a result of intentional or negligent action has to pay compensation for the damages. Some of the claims usually include vehicular accidents, medical malpractice, personal injury, defamation cases, and many more. If you are a victim of a negligent action by another party, you should immediately seek the help of our lawyers. They will evaluate your situation, review the facts of the accident, and assess your claim.

• Contract Disputes

Breach of contract claims results from the failure of one party to fulfill their contractual obligations to another party. Some of the contract disputes include non-delivery of paid transactions and breach of agreements. These agreements usually relate to business, real estate, and commercial, as well as labor and employment. Our lawyers are capable of resolving any personal or corporate contract disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

• Family Law Disputes

Thailand Family Law is the branch of law that deals with domestic-related issues in the nature of marriage, domestic partnerships, spouse abuse, child adoption, child abuse, child custody, divorce, and property settlements.

Due to the complexity of domestic cases, it is best to find civil litigation lawyers with extensive knowledge of Thai family law. Our family lawyers are proficient in the field of family law services. They provide advice, mediation, and services to couples going through family dispute matters.

• Class Action Lawsuits

Our civil litigation lawyers represent a large number of people or a group of injured parties with the same rights, deriving from the same facts and legal principles, to present a complaint to the court. We help the class suffering common damages to file for compensation against an individual or an organization. Our litigation lawyers are competent in handling class action lawsuits. They can protect the rights of all the members of the class.

• Bankruptcy

“Bankruptcy case” is a case where a person is unable to repay outstanding debts. In order to find a legal solution to clear off the debts, there are two purposes of bankruptcy law. The first solution is to provide creditors with fair treatment in allocating debtors’ assets, and the second is to give honest debtors an opportunity to start a new life. Our lawyers are experts in giving legal advice surrounding the Thai bankruptcy law. They guide our clients through the whole bankruptcy process, from the preparation of the documents to representing you in court.

• Business Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the debtor’s business involves a court process. The applicant must bring the case to court separately from the civil case or ordinary bankruptcy case. It is the solution to solve economic problems and the debtor’s financial problems in order for the debtor to be able to manage the business again and start over without all debts. Business rehabilitation aims to allow the debtor’s business to continue, and the creditor has the right to receive the debts without the debtor having to enter the bankruptcy procedure. Our lawyers provide legal advice and assistance, providing business owners with options available to them.

• Probation of Wills

Estate Administration refers to the process of gathering and managing the estate of a deceased. This includes disbursing any debts and taxes and distributing the remaining property to the heirs. In general, the statutory heirs or beneficiaries of the Last Will and Testament will not be able to receive or manage any assets without a court order. In Thailand, the authorization from the court is deemed the final judgment applicable as the confirmation document for estate administration. Whether the deceased had made a will or not, a petition to the court for the appointment of the estate administrator must first be facilitated. If you need help submitting a petition to the court for the appointment of an administrator of the estate of a departed loved one, our lawyers can absolutely help you.