Looking For a Residence in Pattaya?

Searching for your dream house or selling a property can be a tough task. There are so many people are into real estate business. Because of this, we know that you may have confusions with who to go for help or who to trust. Now it’s about time to end your uncertainties. The lawyers and accountants from the Magna Carta Group supports MC Property Thailand in dealing with any of your real estate concerns, as we now provide real estate services.  Whether you are buying, renting or selling properties, or maybe seeking real estate related advice, we have the right people who could connect with you and help you.


We offer a comprehensive real estate services and advertising platform with an inclusive search feature that lets you to filter a search by location, type, number of bedrooms, and price. If you are a property buyer, this allows you to easily find the perfect house, condominium, or apartment as your new home or as a new investment in or around Pattaya, Thailand.

Real Estate Investing Mistakes to Avoid


Investing in Real Estate has so many factors to consider and it certainly involves a huge amount of money. Therefore, investors must take extra precaution before finalizing any transactions. Before signing a binding contract, it is best to do a thorough research. We have listed 5 Real Estate Investing Mistakes that property buyers must avoid. We hope that this article could help buyers avoid the pitfalls in buying a property in Thailand.