drafting legal documents

Drafting Legal Documents

Magna Carta Lawyers can help you in reviewing, signing, and drafting legal documents.

Legal Contracts

The scope of our legal services includes reviewing, interpreting, modifying and drafting a wide range of contracts. [Read More]

Power of Attorney

If you need to sign a power of attorney, you need to appear personally at MAGNA CARTA office before a Notary Services Attorney. [Read more]

Last Will & Testament

Magna Carta lawyers and advisors will help you on how to structure your Last Will & Testament. We will guide you with the required documentation that you need to provide. [Read More]


We can help you if you need to certify your documents by lawyer or sign an affidavit or other documents requiring oath, or a legal document such as a Power of Attorney, a deed, or other writings that needs acknowledgement before a Notarial Services Attorney. [Read More]