Information for Tourists

Information for Tourists

The representative from the related institutions together with more than 100 proprietors in Pattaya have joined the project to promote legal knowledge and the resolution of disputes in tourism cases held by Pattaya Provincial Court. They aim to improve the tourism cases in preparation for the AEC (Asean Economic Community).

The court recognizes the importance of protecting the rights of tourists when there is an involvement in a case, so that they receive the same fair treatment under the legal system as Thai citizens. This was the reason for the establishment of the Tourist Case Section (Civil and Criminal Case Units) on September 5th of last year following the joint decision of the Minister of Tourism and the Court of Justice reached after their meeting to push for the setting up of the tourism case section in the court.  The important mission of the section is to serve tourists who suffer damages or various incidents.  

The Pattaya Chief Justice said that, as at present the number of in-bound tourists is increasing yearly and as Thailand is soon joining the Asean economic community  causing a great influx of labour, capital, real estate, and industries, there are certain to be consequent  disputes especially, the dispute of tourists. We therefore need to improve and promote tourist case for peace and progress of the community.  Quite a few tourists fall victims. Some people are taking advantage of tourists when buying goods or services. Some become the excused of criminal elements in the criminal case. In order to boost their confidence about the safety, the private sector should understand the legal system and the procedure for protecting their rights.


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