Registration of Alien Workers

Registration of Alien Workers

Following the political unrest situation in Thailand which caused division among the people, the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council has announced the policy to resolve issues and to return happiness to the people.

Mr.Komsan Ekachai, the Governor of Chonburi, said that Chonburi has been experiencing economic growth in such fields as agriculture, industry and  tourism, which have drawn a large number of both Thais and alien workers into the province’s workforce.

The Ministry of Labour and The Royal Thai Police have created an alien-workers supplying company, by asking the Ministry of Labour for registration of the company in order to clearly designate the channels through which alien workers are allowed to enter Thailand and prevent their illegal entry. In addition, a one-stop service system enables alien workers to register at each province’s employer offices. The system provides one-stop services for temporary stay in the Kingdom of Thailand to any qualified alien according to the Regulations of the Office of the Prime Minister Concerning the Establishment of the Visa and Work Permit Center B.E. 2540, as amended. There can be an extension of registration period upon request. After  the completion of the process, an alien worker will have ID evidence which can be in the form of an ID card that can be used when reporting to the registrar every 3 or 6 months so that their movement can be monitored.

Employers or proprietors with Myanmar, Lao and or Cambodian alien workers, both legal and illegal, must prepare a list of their alien workers for registration. An ordinary person has to bring a photocopy of their citizen ID card attached to the original. A juristic person has to bring a photocopy of their certificate of juristic person registration together with a copy of citizen ID card of their authorized signatory attached to the original. The documentation is to be submitted to the alien-workers supplying company in Chonburi, Pattaya, a municipal office, or a Tum Bon administration organization by 15th July 2014 at no expense.

For further information, please contact the Chonburi’s labour supplying office or call (038)398057 and (086)3398620 during normal working hours.

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