Clubhouse App is Booming

Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat serving as an online platform for its users to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas based on their interests.  This is an audio-only set-up, which means there are no texts, videos, and images, except for the user’s profile picture.

Various interesting people, professionals, prominent personalities, influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, media presses, etc. are hosting Clubhouse rooms.  This will give its users the opportunity to gain insights from the experts and join conversation within the community.  There are several discussions occurring at the same time, thus allowing users to shift speakers and topics at any time.  Various conversational topics are accessible such as health, business, and technology, to name a few.

Clubhouse is currently by invitation, wherein you have to be invited by an existing member to be able to join this exclusive community.  Some people are selling invites so you have to be aware of invite scams.  Additionally, it is only available on iOS for iPhone users at present.  However, there are plans to open this app to the general public soon.  When this happens, this could open up a new way to engage with broader audience and connect with experts in other industries.  As you connect and meet other Clubhouse members, they may eventually follow you over to your other channels and communities; which will be a great advantage to business owners and marketers.

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