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You can make a VALID and LEGAL Last Will and Testament for your assets in Thailand even if you are not in Thailand


Due to the recent Covid-19 travel restrictions, we know that one of your main concerns is managing your affairs in Thailand. This includes planning your estate or all your assets in Thailand in anticipation of sudden incapacitation or death.

You can protect your assets in Thailand and secure your loved ones by making a Last Will and Testament.

You do not need to be in Thailand to make a valid Will! Our lawyers and advisors are here to help and guide you! And the good news is….we can do everything online! 

1. We will send you the Requirement Checklist via email

2. Send us clear copies of all the documents via email

3. We will confirm the cost after assessing your assets

4. Make the payment by bank transfer

5. We will send you the draft of your Will for your review, and make revisions until we come up with the final version

6. You have to print the final draft and sign it in your country in front of 2 witnesses


The average Last Will and Testament costs no more than 5,000 Baht. You can be sure that your assets in Thailand will go to the correct beneficiaries!


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