Exchanged New Year’s greetings

On 28 December 2106, Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon, CEO of Magna Carta Group, exchanged New Year’s greetings with Mr. Komson Ekachai Former Governor of Chonburi Province/ President of Ramkhamheang University Alumni Association Chonburi (RUAAC).

Joined thousands of people last December 1, 2016 to honor our King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

On 17 December 2016, Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon, CEO of Magna Carta Group and a Debsirin Alumni, joined thousands of people last December 1, 2016 to honor our King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Magna Carta Celebrated 13th Anniversary

Magna Carta Celebrated 13th Anniversary
16 December 2016

The Management and Staff of Magna Carta celebrated 13th anniversary with a merit-making ceremony.  This special event took place at the 4th floor of Magna Carta Building.

Pattaya Lawyers Council Meeting to Clarify Policies

On 16 December 2017, Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon, Chairman of Pattaya Lawyers Council with the new committee, met with Mr. Payung Chusong (Chief Justice of Pattaya Court) and Mr. Wachira Taninsorn (Chief Justice of Pattaya District Court). This meeting was held to clarify policies and asked permission to improve the lawyer’s room.  Mr. Payung and Mr. Wachira gave their blessings and gave encouragement to the committee of the Pattaya Lawyers Council.

Tipmanee Cable TV Chanel interviewed

On 16 December 2016, Tipmanee Cable TV Chanel interviewed Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon, Chairman of Pattaya Lawyers Council, on public assistance and coordination with the Department of Justice and other government agencies.  By and Acting Sub Lt. Chanyut Yungpreda and Mr. Thanaset Tumtong, committee of Pattaya Lawyers Council also joined the interview.

Meet with H.E. Ms. Satu Suikkari-Kleven, the Finnish Ambassador of Thailand

magna carta law firm pattaya lawyer

Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon has been appointed by Acting Pattaya Mayor to meet with H.E. Ms. Satu Suikkari-Kleven, the Finnish Ambassador of Thailand, for the cooperation between Pattaya City and Finnish Embassy on the establishment of Finnish Honorary Consulate in Pattaya, as well as the foreign community in Pattaya. The meeting was held at Pattaya City Hall, meeting room no. 132.

Magna Carta Law Office Renovations Complete

Located on South Pattaya Road, near the junction with Third Road, the Magna Carta Co., Ltd has been a feature of the landscape since before the turn of the century. The entire building has recently undergone a major renovation to accommodate the growing number of the Magna Carta Team and clientele, as well as to give room for the new business ventures under the Magna Carta Group of Companies.

Founded by Mr. Chalermwat “Pico” Wimuktayon, who is Legal Advisor to the Acting Mayor of Pattaya City; a Region 2 Committee Councilor of The Lawyers Council of Thailand and a member of the Committee of the Immigration Bureau of Chonburi Province. The Magna Carta team consists of 34 lawyers, 10 accountants and foreigners to oversee their foreign clientele.

Magna Carta Co., Ltd. fully owns the Magna Carta Office Building

The recent renovations were designed to make more effective and efficient use of its six floors.  The building has a brand new lift and each floor now has its own operational function within the company.




144 Safety Boxes

The first (or ground) floor now has a wider reception area with 144 safety deposit boxes available for lease. Magna Carta also plans to open currency exchange booths within the premises, and elsewhere across Pattaya, in the future.

The second floor was converted into four private meeting rooms where clients can meet with Magna Carta’s team of lawyers and consultants in a private setting.

The third floor consists of the Magna Carta legal and accounting division; basically the heart of the overall business.

The fourth and fifth floors is now  what Magna Carta terms an iBusiness Centre. They will soon be renting out office spaces as well as co-working spaces on these floors. Magna Carta have an LED which is available now to book advertising under the iBusiness model.

Finally, the sixth floor now has a huge conference room with a seating capacity of up to 26 persons.

MC Financial Consultancy

Apart from the legal and accounting aspects of their business, Magna Carta has now started looking into new business ventures with the aim of being able to offer a complete One-Stop Service for almost anyone. This includes a Financial Consultancy service, which will add even greater value to the legal and accounting framework.


MC Construction and Property Management

One major step forward has been the creation of the MC Construction and Property Management arm which aims to provide property management for condominium and housing projects. Its main goal is to create a secure environment and transparent financial system for any project. Magna Carta has well-trained staff with vast experience across the legal frameworks involved in condominium issues, and combining them with a professional management supervisor they believe they will be able to provide quality services in the day-to-day running of any project. Magna Carta is also able to provide all significant staff and services to make sure every detail of management is conducted according to the law.

iBusiness Center

The planned iBusiness Center is intended to provide help on running any kind of business in Thailand. They will provide a good and convenient business environment with all the necessary materials for success. You will be able to work in a good and convenient business environment provided with an office assistant and shall be equipped with free telephone, internet, storage, Post Office box, pantry, shower room and other facilities.


Asean Economic Community (AEC)

With the advent of the Asean Economic Community (AEC), Magna Carta has also taken on board the task of being a one-stop service provider to help both corporate and individual clients grow within the AEC by utilizing their network of legal contacts across the region.


313 Training Studio

Magna Carta has also established 313 Training Studio, located in Nongprue Soi 1, off Soi Siam Country Club. It includes Sauna, Spa, Martial Arts and Muay Thai training facilities all in the one place.

Magna Carta continues to see great potential across the wider Pattaya marketplace. They have positioned themselves to be among the leaders when it comes to specialist services.


CEO of Magna Carta appointed as Legal Advisor to the Acting Mayor of Pattaya City

The Pattaya City Council and the Pattaya City Executive have completed its term of office on 16th June 2016.  Consequently, the Pattaya Ciy Director, Mr.  Chanatpong Sriwiset, has been designated to temporarily take on the responsibility of Deputy Mayor of Pattaya until the official naming of the new City Mayor.

To orderly operate and resolve various legal issues, the Pattaya City Director has appointed Mr. Chalermwat “Pico’ Wimuktayon, as a legal advisor in civil, legal and administrative cases. The appointee will act as a litigation consultant, advising the legal procedure for events affecting the government.


Charity Golf Tournament

Charity Golf Tournament (1)

Magna Carta team headed by our CEO, Mr. Chalermwat “Pico” Wimuktayon, joined the Charity Golf Tournament organized by the Ramkamhaeng University Alumni Association Chonburi (RUAAC) headed by the Governor of Chonburi, Mr. Komson Ekachai. Mr. Charlermwat “Pico” Wimuktayon is also a part of the committee of RUAAC.  The event was held at Khao Kheaw Country Club last June 25, 2016.