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Mobile Oxygen Concentrator Donation Supporting Local Hospitals

The representatives of Magna Carta Group Company, and Ramkhamhaeng Chonburi Alumni Association traveled to Chonburi Hospital and Banglamung Hospital in Chonburi for medical materials donation on 25 and26 May 2021 respectively. 4 mobile oxygen concentrators were delivered to the hospitals in order to support and help the patients during the pandemic of Covid-19.

Gift-giving event on Thailand Children’s Day at the Banglamung District

On Saturday, 11th of January 2020, The Magna Carta Group of Companies, Ramkhamhaeng Alumni of Chonburi , and Thai Business and Travel International Association participated in the gift-giving event at the Banglamung District in celebration of Thailand Children’s Day 2020. The day was filled with joy and happiness as many children joined and received sets of stationeries, essential items, and lots of goodies.

Enhancing the Level of Workplace Safety Due to Covid -19 Pandemic

Enhancing the Level of Workplace Safety

As we remain open to serve our valued clients, we are committed to ensuring that all clients feel confident and safe when visiting us. Today at 9AM, the officials from Pattaya City Hall conducted Disinfectant Spraying against COVID-19 all over the Magna Carta building. The disinfectant is trusted and approved by the Public Health Office of Pattaya.

Magna Carta Law Firm Working to Keep All BUSINESS SAFE!

Ramkhamhaeng Alumni Association Chonburi and Magna Carta Law Firm organized food distribution

Ramkhamhaeng Alumni Association Chonburi and Magna Carta Law Firm organized food distribution to provide relief to families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic from 26/5/2020 – 12/6/2020 for 14 events. A pantry was set-up filled with rice, milk, eggs, condiments and various canned goods, where the recipients could chose what they need. 100 people were served and benefitted from this event. Appreciation is extended to a group of Magna Carta’s Chinese clients who voluntarily joined to likewise share their blessings.

2019 Children’s Day

In celebration of this year’s Thailand National Children’s Day, the Magna Carta Group, together with the Banglamung District, Pattaya Lawyer’s Council, R.U. Alumni Association Chonburi, and TBTI, joyously distributed stationeries, toys, and candies to the children who participated in this festive event held at Banglamung District Office last January 2. The annual Children’s Day celebration has always been a much-awaited event because all the fun and treats are greatly bringing smiles to all the children’s faces.

Darullbadah Masque Child Development Center growing of marigold flowers

Teachers and students from Darullbadah Masque Child Development Center get Marigold seedlings from the Pattaya Lawyers Council and will take part in growing of marigold flowers for the project “Gla Kao Peua Tam Dee” to decorate their school.

Disseminating Legal Knowledge to Pattaya Remand Prison

Disseminating Legal Knowledge to Pattaya Remand Prison

September 7, 2017 – Pattaya Lawyers Council together with Pattaya Remand Prison represented by Mr. Watcharawit Watchiralerpan (Prison Warden) opened the project “Gla Kao Peua Tam Dee” to disseminate legal knowledge to the inmates in Pattaya Remand Prison.

For this project is a legal aid project by the Pattaya Lawyers Council, this is an important purpose to promote assistance, advice, and dissemination of information to the people as well as to the inmates in prisons. Mr. Sorasit Pongin, a lawyer and as a lecturer of the Procedures for Criminal Trial, and Mr. Phattharasak Naenachan, a committee of Pattaya lawyers Council, provided information on the roles and duties of lawyers in assisting the inmates.

Agencies got Marigold seedlings

Agencies got Marigold seedlings from the Pattaya Lawyers Council’s project “Gla Kao Peua Tam Dee”. All 38 agencies are as follows:

1.Banglamung District Non-formal  Education
2.Chalermrajakumari Public Library
3.Takhiantia Sub-District Non-formal  Education
4.Nongprue Sub-District Non-formal  Education
5.Nongpalai Sub-District Non-formal  Education
6.Banglamung Sub-District Non-formal  Education
7.Pong Sub-District Non-formal Education
8.Pattaya Klang Sub-District Non-formal Education
9.PattayaNua Sub-District Non-formal  Education
10.Pattaya Tai Sub-District Non-formal  Education
11.Huay Yai Sub-District Non-formal  Education
12.Khao Mai Kaew Sub-District Non-formal  Education
13.Pattaya Arunothai School
14.Nonghuamoo School
15.Pattaya City 10 (Ban Kho Lan) School
16.Watsutawat School
17.The Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities
18.Pong Saket School
19.Sotpattana School
20.Aksonrsuksa School
21.Phothisamphanphitthayakhan School
22.BanThungKlom School
23.Chonburi Primary Education Service Area Office 3
24.Pattaya City 10 School
25.Chonburi Land Office Banglamung Branch
26.St.Nicolas Church
27.DarulIbadah Mosque Pattaya City
28.The Pattaya Orphanage
29.Father Ray Foundation
30.Father Ray Children ‘s Home
31.Pattaya Redemptorist
32.Pattaya Redemptorist Children’s Home
33.The Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities
34.The RedemptoristChild  Development Center
35.Pattaya Drop in Center
36.Child Protection and Development Center Ban Eared
37.Royal Thai Marine Corps
38.Pattaya City 8 School