Business Operating Licenses

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Business Licenses

Magna Carta can help you secure all the licenses that you need to legally start operating your business.

Commercial License

Doing a business in Thailand requires acquisition of licenses from the related government offices in the locality where you will establish your business,   It is a requirement for some enterprises to secure a special clearance or license from other government agencies depending on the nature of business operation.

Food License

Opening a food business has its own set of legal considerations. This includes obtaining a variety of licenses and permits to start operating your business wherein the type of licenses to obtain depends on what type of products or services you intend to sell. It is a requirement for all establishments in Thailand intending to serve or sell food to get a Food License from the Municipality or District according to the location of the proposed establishment or business.

Alcohol License

Restaurants and bars generate great profits from selling alcohol. However, not all establishments are allowed to sell it.  Securing a liquor license then allows an establishment to legally sell alcoholic beverages. This excludes selling alcohol in the areas near schools, places of worship, and fuel stations.

Entertainment License

Engaging in a Pub or Bar business, as well as employing singers, bands or musicians to entertain dining customers require the business owner to obtain an entertainment license. They need to obtain this from the Municipality or District where the establishment is located. This shall also apply to establishments with dance venues, band equipment and massage services.

Building License

Under Thai law, it is necessary to obtain authorization from the local government authorities for constructing, altering, and moving buildings.

We also provide services in relation to applications for EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) approval.

TAT License

The tourism business is regulated by the Tourist Business and Guide Act. ‘Tourism Business’ refers to a business operation providing services for tourists such as sightseeing tours and tourist guide services. Before engaging in this type of business, one has to apply for a TAT license (Tourism Authority of Thailand) with the Tourist Business and Guide Registration Office.


A Trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source.  The trademark owner can be an individual, a business organization, or any legal entity.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

First, it protects a company’s name or logo because registering a Trademark provides greater legal protection against counterfeiting and infringement. Hence, registered Trademark grants you its exclusive nationwide ownership.

Second, it deter others against using your trademark.  Since the registered trademark will appear in trademark search reports ordered by others, it will likely discourage others from proceeding with the registration of the same or similar mark.

Lastly, it provides greater remedies by increasing the likelihood of a successful dispute settlement against infringers.


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