Thailand Dependent Visa

Thailand Dependent Visa is obtainable by family members of foreign nationals legally working or a retiree in Thailand. The sponsor’s dependents can get this type of visa if they intend to stay with them in Thailand within the duration of the sponsor’s visa.

Who are eligible to apply for a Thailand Dependent Visa?

Immediate family members of the sponsor are eligible to apply.

  • Non-Thai spouse must have the relationship with the foreigner both by law and in effect.
  • Children, adopted children, and stepchildren must be under 20 years old, still living with the family, and not married.
  • Parents must be at least 50 years.
  • In the event of divorce between the sponsor and the spouse, the accompanying spouse’s Non-O Visa will be cancelled. Therefore, the accompanying spouse must leave Thailand immediately.

How Long Is It Valid?

The application has to start by applying for a Non-Immigrant O Visa at The Royal Thai Embassy either in the dependent’s home country or any neighboring country of Thailand. Dependents on a Tourist Visa can also apply for a Non-O Visa at the Immigration Office in Thailand as long as the applicant meets all the requirements.


Non-O Visa is initially valid for 90 days. However, the visa holder can apply for an extension of stay at the Thailand Immigration Bureau at least 30 days prior the visa expiration. In most cases, extension is given for a maximum of 1 year, or depending upon the Immigration Officer’s consideration.


For a single entry Visa, a re-entry permit is a vital requirement if the visa holder plans to leave Thailand within the duration of the Dependent Visa. Otherwise, it will result in the cancellation of the visa upon re-entering Thailand. You can obtain this at the nearest Immigration Office or at any international airport in Thailand.


Furthermore, all visa holders have to report their residential address to the Immigration Department every 90 days. Failure to do so can lead to penalty.

What are the requirements in applying for a Thailand Dependent Visa?

Dependent Visa based on accompanying a Foreign National who enters Thailand for employment purposes:


  • Dependent’s Valid passport and recent passport sized photos
  • Furnished application form
  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport, including visa, visa stamps, and departure card
  • A copy of the sponsor’s valid visa and work permit
  • Copies of the company documents
  • Proof of relationship of the dependent to the sponsor, such as legalized birth certificate for children and legalized marriage certificate for spouse
  • A certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Dependent Visa based on Retirement Visa

If your spouse is not eligible to apply for a retiree visa, she must get a Non-Immigrant O Visa before entering Thailand. This may also be extended for 1 year by submitting an application to the Immigration Department, stating as her purpose “to stay with the family”.  You must provide a notarized marriage certificate together with other documents and financial requirements.

Can I work in Thailand while on Dependent or Non-O Visa?

You should not work in Thailand while on this type of visa. You need to secure a Non-Immigrant B visa and a work permit if you intend to engage in any form of employment in Thailand.

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