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You may register a business as Sole Proprietorship, Limited and Unlimited Partnership, Private and Public Limited Company, Branch Office, Representative Office and Regional Office Headquarter.  In most cases, Thai Limited Company is the most popular structure and ideally the first step in setting up a company in Thailand. 

What is a Limited Company?

A limited company is that kind formed with a capital divided into equal shares. The shareholders’ liability is limited to the amount of, if any, unpaid shares held by them. has to consist of 1 or more directors and a minimum of 3 shareholders. They can either be Thai or foreigner.


In Thai Limited Company shareholding, Thais must own the majority company shares. This means that foreign ownership of the company cannot be more than 49%.


Foreigners can hold 100% ownership of businesses in non-restricted categories, such as exporting businesses and certain types of manufacturing businesses.  Other methods to obtain 100% non-Thai control are through application for an alien business license, Board of Investment (BOI) Promotion or registration through the Treaty of Amity for Americans.


Setting up a business in Thailand involves many factors to consider. There are many laws surrounding the business sector in Thailand. It also requires obtaining business licenses from the relevant government offices in the locality where you will establish your business.  It is a requirement for some enterprises to secure a special clearance or license from certain government agencies. The license you need to secure depends on the nature of the business operation.


Moreover, all forms used in the relevant government offices for company registrations are usually in Thai script. Therefore, completing forms without the knowledge of Thai law and language, will most probably lead to serious complications and problems.

Magna Carta Law Firm offers comprehensive services and advice on setting up a company in Thailand

Whether you are setting up your company for trading purposes or for holding properties, we will guide you you all throughout. We can give you extensive advice on the best structure for your company, and assist you with your company registration. 


Our competent lawyers with extensive knowledge and practical experience offers business consultancy, to give you thorough advice about business law.  Our lawyers will guide you on how to start a business in Thailand, depending on your company’s activities and circumstances. They will give you recommendations on what will be best for your future company in Thailand.


We also provide services in relation to applications for benefits subject to BOI (Board of Investments) approval.