VISA / Business / Company in Thailand

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A foreigner having employment or business in Thailand must obtain a Business Visa (Non-Immigrant “B”) [Read More]

retirement visa pattaya lawyer

This visa may be obtained by anyone -regardless of their nationality- 50 years of age or older having the financial capacity to settle in Thailand. [Read More]

marriage visa pattaya lawyer

A Marriage Visa (Non-Immigrant “O”) may be obtained by a foreign spouse of a Thai citizen [Read More]

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Under Thai law, all foreigners wishing to work in Thailand must hold a valid work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor. Our team can help you with your work permit application. We will check and submit all the relevant documentation required by the Thailand Labor Department on your behalf. [Read More]

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Starting a business or forming a company in Thailand involves many factors to consider and decisions to make in order to proceed in compliance with Thai company law. [Read More]