The original “Magna Carta” 1215

Original Magna Carta 1215
The Original Magna Carta 1215

Magna Carta Law Firm in Pattaya, Thailand, is celebrating their 11th year of business operations this year. It is also the 800th anniversary of their namesake, the Magna Carta (meaning “Great Charter”), which was a seminal legal document signed by King John of England and his rebellious nobles on the 15th June 1215 and which set out the rights of the individual to restrict the absolute power of the monarchy. In short, it was the cornerstone of the English ‘Constitution’, thus, the establishment of the principle that every individual, including the King, was subject to the law of the land. It promised, amongst other things, that all free men had the right to justice and that there must be no illegal imprisonment without a fair trial.

The Magna Carta 1215 was an important historical legal document. They subsequently use this as the starting point and the basis for defining the rights of the individual against the state. Its principles are at the heart of many modern countries’ democratic constitutions.

The Lawyers at Magna Carta Law Firm today also stand by these basic principles. They seek to uphold justice and the rights of their clients in all its forms. Armed with all the skills, they commit to achieving a legal solution for any problem or issue faced by their clients, whether it is advising them in the purchase or sale of a property or a business; protection of their rights against the vagaries of the criminal justice system; the recovery of monies and assets through the civil courts; obtaining a fair division of assets in a divorce; and even in death, ensuring a correct distribution of client’s assets according to their previously stated wishes.  

Indeed, Magna Carta offers a personal and dedicated service in all legal matters. This is carried out by a strong team of both qualified Thai Lawyers and foreign Legal Consultants. The entire team aim to achieve the desired outcome for every client.

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