MC Helps on Group Case for Waterfront buyers

July 24, 2018 – A press conference was held at Magna Carta law office, called by the buyers of the waterfront development.

A judgment has already been announced regarding the case filed by the Pattaya Provincial Prosecutor in 2012 against the 7 defendants. The Supreme Court sentenced 5 defendants and dismissed 2 defendants.

According to the Supreme Court, based on the Certificates of Utilization, covering land in the area of Bali Hi Port, four of the defendants had conducted thorough checks on the land information, however, preceded to measure the area without considering the correct boundaries. Furthermore, another defendant has covered the sea with soil and stones beyond the area of erosion that created embankment on the sea. These defendants shall be deemed guilty according to the Criminal Code. The Supreme Court also declared that the land title deed has been issued illegally to Archaland Co., Ltd. The Thai authorities now have the prerogative to get involved and to decide the way to go forward.

Pattaya City Hall has issued the demolition order of some parts of the Waterfront project as per the construction permit. This has brought about more issues on its effect on the project and, more importantly, on the buyers who have already paid money. The affected consumers are asking all related departments to seriously address this issue as soon as possible to avoid greater damages in the future. In this regard, the relevant government officials will start the procedures to revoke the affected title deeds any time soon.

The Waterfront buyers now considering filing a Class Action Lawsuit at Pattaya Provincial Court, which brings about clearer strategy and efficiency in court procedures.

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