MC Helps Murders Case at Khao Chi Chan, Pattaya

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Monday, November 12, 2018, at the Lawyers Council of Pattaya Has held a news conference on the progress Accepting cases for helping people Murder case in Khao Chi Chan, Pattaya

There were Mr. Chalermwat Wimuktayon, Chairman of the Pattaya Lawyers Council, and CEO of Magna Carta Law Firm, Mr. Pantawat Pimsakul, Secretary-General of the Pattaya Lawyers Council, and Ms. Wilaksikulsarawut. The member of the Lawyer Council of Legal Aid Department has announced the progress of the case for the compensation from the accused Mr. Panya Yingdang (Sia Uan), along with Miss Wanpen Na Muangrak, the mother of Miss Paveena Na Muangrak, who deceased, and the media attended the press conference.

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