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Our efficient team with legal knowledge and condominium management experience of over 10 years, are experts in all kinds of condominium law and situations that may arise within the condominium community.

The co-owners or tenants of a condominium unit have to trust many areas that are not solely under their control.  At Magna Carta, we value the security and comfort that living in your property can bring you.




Above all, our main aim is to control all access points of the property.  Therefore, we make sure that we can deal with any emergency situations efficiently, to create a safe and secure environment for all co-owners.


Our Housekeeping staff are all trained to a very high standard. They will always keep a clean, safe and healthy environment.


We can supply experienced engineers and tradesmen who have expertise in their various fields to fix any issues on the property and to keep all areas up to the standards. (Daily inspections are then carried out as standard)


Our well-trained Management staff will look over the day-to-day running of the condominium, building rapport between co-owners and the juristic person management.

Our services will include managing the Committee meetings and supervision for the AGM. We can also provide legal consultancy.


Our qualified accounting team will handle all common area fees and utilities as well as bookkeeping for all the day-to-day running costs involved in the up-keep of the property. Transparency and honesty are indeed a prerequisite as you would expect from a Qualified Accountancy/Law Firm.

All staff are highly trained and works under Magna Carta’s supervision, the leading law firm in Pattaya and on the Eastern Seaboard. We can make sure that we will provide all the co-owners with efficient condominium management and services. As a result, it creates the perfect environment for condominium living in all aspects.


Furthermore, Magna Carta believes that a safe, clean, and well working condominium community is especially relevant to every co-owner’s healthy and stress-free life. This is why we have prepared our team to take care of any specially relevant issues that may arise to maintain a good clean living environment.


Our services also include managing the committee meeting(s), and assisting the conduct of AGM. Contact us now!