Thailand Social Security

Thailand Social Security System is funded by the contributions from workers or insured person, employers, and additional contributions from the government.  Employers or companies with 1 or more employees, from 15 to 60 years old, must register and submit their employees’ Social Security Fund application to the Social Security System of Thailand within 30 days from the date the employee has began to work. The company must report any changes in the status of employment to the Social Security Office not later than the 15th day of the following month effecting the change.  A person can make voluntary contributions paying 9% of  their earnings up to 4,800 THB each month. Employees earning less than 1,650 shall not make contributions.


Foreigners legally working in Thailand must also register to the social security office. Registered foreigners will have the same benefits as insured Thai nationals.

The coverage does not include the following:

1. Regional, local and foreign government employees

2. Thai nationals working in a foreign country

3. Private school teacher or headmaster

4. Students or undergraduate trainees employed by schools, universities or hospitals

5. Judges

6. Civil Servants

7. Employees of State Enterprises


An employee can make a claim within 2 years. The Social Security Officer has the discretion to decide on the claims depending on each case.  If after the notice to receive the funds has been sent and nobody claimed the funds within 2 years, it shall then become the property of the Social Security Office.

Thailand Social Security Fund Benefits


The insured employee must have a minimum of 3 months contribution within the last 15 months. A sick employee can avail free medical care at the registered hospital including the prescribed medicines. He/She can also claim cash sickness benefit computed at 50% of the average daily rate not exceeding 90 days each time for a maximum of 180 days/year and maximum of 365 days for chronic illness. 


An employee must have a minimum of 5 months contributions in the last 15 months to avail the maternity benefits. The benefits include Medical Care amounting to 13,000 Baht and cash benefit computed at 50% of the average daily rate during the maternity leave for 90 days. 

Invalidity or Disability

The employee can make a claim if he/she is unable to perform work, provided he/she has at least 3 months contributions within the last 15 months. The employee shall get a Medical Care reimbursement according to Medical committee and a cash benefit computed at 50% of average wages for the whole life.


The insured employee must have at least 1 month contribution within 6 months before death. The recipient can get 50% of the wage payment multiplied by 4 according to the law if the insured person contributed for more than 36 months, but less than 120 months. In case the insured employee contributed for more than 120 months, the recipient can get 50% of the wage payment multiplied by 12 according to the law. In addition, the survivors shall receive Funeral Grant amounting to 40,000 Baht.

Child Allowance

A family can claim an allowance for a maximum of 3 children, from 0 to 15 years old. Each child can benefit an amount of 400 Baht per month if they are in the social security system registration. The family must have a minimum of 12 months contributions within the last 36 months.

Old Age Pension

A person must be on retirement status of at least 55 years old with more than 180 months contributions.  The claimant can get a cash benefit or pension equivalent to 20% of his average wage for the last 60 months and 1.5% per additional 12 months of contributions above 180 months.  For pensioners with more than 12 months but less than 180 months contribution, they can get a lump sum equal to the contribution from the employee and his employer plus interest. For those with less than 12 months contribution, they can get a lump sum equal to the contribution from employee.


If the insured employee dies before obtaining old-age benefits, and his/her parents, children and spouse have passed away, the benefits will go to other surviving relatives.


The claimant needs to meet certain criteria and with at least 6 months contributions within 15 months before unemployment. He or she must have also registered at the Public Employment Office as job seeker within 30 days after being unemployed.

If laid off, the insured person shall receive 50% of average wages up to 180 days within 1 year.  An employer who resigned voluntarily shall receive 30% of average wages up to 90 days within 1 year.


An employee can make a claim if the employer ceases its business operation for a temporary period due to force majeure.