Thailand Customs Department Imposed Stricter Rules

Stricter Customs Rules
Stricter Customs Rules by the Thailand Customs Department

In an effort to discourage smuggling of pre-ordered goods into the country, the Customs Department of Thailand has become stricter. Last July 1, the Customs office at Suvarnabhumi Airport had posted a sign instructing arriving passengers and crew members that each person can bring no more than 10,000 Baht worth of personal effects per entry into the country.  Such effects must not be for commercial purposes.  Provisions, food, dietary supplements, and cosmetics are no exemptions from import duty.   As set by the law, they only allow bringing in limited quantities of cigarettes, tobacco, spirits, and wine.  They do not consider souvenirs, items for charity, collectibles, and second-hand items as personal effects. There is a need to declare and pay appropriate duty for any brand-name items costing 10,000 Baht per piece.

Violators are liable to imprisonment of up to 10 years, a fine 4 times the value of their goods, and confiscation of the goods.


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