Completing Property Transfers in Thailand During Covid-19

Property Transfers

Dear Purchasers,

It has come to our attention that many clients who are due to complete on property purchases are worried because they cannot yet get back to Thailand.

We would like to advise you that there is no need to worry as the land office has a set protocol to allow property transfers in Thailand to take place and complete without the buyer actually being in Thailand.

The process in completing property transfers in Thailand during Covid-19 pandemic is as follows;

  1. We compete a specific power of attorney using the land office own form. We then email that to you in English (for your reference so you can understand what you are signing) and Thai for you to print out and sign.
  2. We also require a copy of your passport picture page signed as well.
  3. In the case the buyer owes the developer money we can accept that into our client account bank account then prepare the correct cashiers cheque’s to be paid at the land office.

The total process to get all the documents countersigned is as follows.

Once the forms are printed out via email (in the foreign country) they have to be taken to a notary public lawyer for the purchaser to sign and get witnessed. The papers then need to be sent, by post, to the legalization dept with that country to be legalized. After that they need to be taken to the Thai embassy to get the stamp. Once that is all completed they need to be all courier to us via DHL etc.

Once received the land office will allow the transfer to take place regardless that the buyer is not Thailand.

The whole process time line varies from country to country however using the United Kingdom as an example the normal time to get this all completed and returned to Thailand is around 16- 20 days.

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