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New Covid-19 Cases in Banglamung, Chonburi of April 2021

New Covid-19 Cases in Banglamung, Chonburi for the month of April 2021
New Covid-19 Cases in Banglamung, Chonburi for the month of April 2021
New Covid-19 Cases in Banglamung, Chonburi for the month of April

This is the report demonstrating the third wave statistics of the number of infected people with Covid-19 in Banglamung, Chonburi for the month of April.

The number of Covid-19 cases climbs dramatically from April 6 to April 16, and then hits the first peak of 83 infected persons on April 17. The number drops swiftly on the 18th and keeps fluctuating until the 29th. However, the number of new cases hit the top at the end of April.

From the statistics, the duration between April 19 -29 is the time after the Songkran Festival, where the number fluctuates. Another factor we can observe is that the number of the infected individuals rises during April 27-29 since Thailand has started sending ‘Biosafety Mobile Unit’ to offer free Covid-19 tests to the public, and tests were already conducted in a wider range.

In summary, the total of the new Covid-19 cases in Banglamung, Chonburi in April 2021 is 1,061 persons, which is the highest number in Chonburi Province. Any other significant reports in the future will be later informed via our Facebook page.

Note: The information is collected from the daily report of Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office, Thailand. Any total numbers in the statistics may be revised after the precise disease investigation. We are highly concerned about the safety of our valued customers.

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Clubhouse App is Booming

Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat serving as an online platform for its users to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas based on their interests.  This is an audio-only set-up, which means there are no texts, videos, and images, except for the user’s profile picture.

Various interesting people, professionals, prominent personalities, influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, media presses, etc. are hosting Clubhouse rooms.  This will give its users the opportunity to gain insights from the experts and join conversation within the community.  There are several discussions occurring at the same time, thus allowing users to shift speakers and topics at any time.  Various conversational topics are accessible such as health, business, and technology, to name a few.

Clubhouse is currently by invitation, wherein you have to be invited by an existing member to be able to join this exclusive community.  Some people are selling invites so you have to be aware of invite scams.  Additionally, it is only available on iOS for iPhone users at present.  However, there are plans to open this app to the general public soon.  When this happens, this could open up a new way to engage with broader audience and connect with experts in other industries.  As you connect and meet other Clubhouse members, they may eventually follow you over to your other channels and communities; which will be a great advantage to business owners and marketers.

First Trimester Abortion in Thailand: Approved!

Thailand Abortion

The Government Gazette has announced an amendment to Criminal Code, Section 301 and 305, making it legal for women to terminate their pregnancy of up to not more than 12 weeks.

Previously, most type of abortion in Thailand is illegal. Now, a person is considered not guilty and shall not be liable to legal punishments if such abortion is made by an act of medical practitioners and according to the criteria of the Medical Council with the following circumstances:

1. Pregnant women who are physically or psychologically at risk.

2. There is a high risk of serious fetal disabilities or genetic disorders.

3. The pregnancy is a result of offenses relating to sexuality such as rape.

4. Wanting to terminate pregnancy of up to 12 weeks.

5. Pregnancies exceeding 12 weeks but not over 20 weeks shall be under the examination, counseling, and supervision of medical professionals.

In case of any abortion in Thailand that does not conform to those conditions, the offender shall face imprisonment of not over 6 months or penalty not over 10,000 Baht, or both.

Online Witness Examination

online witness examination

Thailand Court now supports online witness examination. This is due to the recent Covid-19 situation wherein people are unable to travel to Thailand to testify.

Any litigant wishing to examine their witnesses must submit a petition to the court. The litigant must pay the extra regulatory fee for online witness examination. They also have to specify which applications to use for the court hearing, such as LINE, ZOOM, FaceTime, etc.

Once the court approves the petition, the appointment of the witness hearing is then scheduled. The court conducts only one witness examination on screen per day, from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Before the screen examination appointment, the lawyer prepares, sets up, and tests the system in the courtroom. The witness who will be participating may also appear on the video for testing.

During the hearing, the interpreter and the lawyer must be present at the courtroom. For the witness to testify, in a proper place, he must have another eyewitness along with him to determine his identity. The eyewitness should be a credible person who can either be a lawyer, a notary public, the village headman, etc, provided that such eyewitness must have evidence to show to the Court.

Any documents or evidence to be used for examination from the witness is at the discretion of the Court. Typically, the officer will accept a copy of the evidence to be shown to testify, but must submit the original documents thereafter.

Moreover, if one party needs to request for a court online hearing, he must have a consent from the other party. For estate management case, online examination via screen is applicable.

Thailand Considers Legalizing Abortion

The cabinet recently approved a draft amendment to the Criminal Code proposing to legalize abortion for pregnancies of not more than 12 weeks. This amendment aims to address the concerns of women of their rights to life and body. According to The Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Medical Council of Thailand, it is safer to have an abortion during the 12-week period of pregnancy.


The amendment also outlines exceptions, that will allow termination of pregnancies to happen and that would reduce the penalties for having an abortion for pregnancies of more than 12 weeks. Moreover, it includes an exception for cases of high risks of serious fetal disabilities or genetic disorders.


Women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant and are planning to terminate unwanted pregnancies will no longer be liable to legal punishment, upon approval early next year.


At present, Thailand only allows abortion in the event of medical conditions or risks to life, or when the pregnancies are the result of rape, deceptions or force. Hence, women resort to risky self-induced abortions, making unsafe abortion as one of the most common causes of mortalities in women around the world.


You can make a VALID and LEGAL Last Will and Testament for your assets in Thailand even if you are not in Thailand


Due to the recent Covid-19 travel restrictions, we know that one of your main concerns is managing your affairs in Thailand. This includes planning your estate or all your assets in Thailand in anticipation of sudden incapacitation or death.

You can protect your assets in Thailand and secure your loved ones by making a Last Will and Testament.

You do not need to be in Thailand to make a valid Will! Our lawyers and advisors are here to help and guide you! And the good news is….we can do everything online! 

1. We will send you the Requirement Checklist via email

2. Send us clear copies of all the documents via email

3. We will confirm the cost after assessing your assets

4. Make the payment by bank transfer

5. We will send you the draft of your Will for your review, and make revisions until we come up with the final version

6. You have to print the final draft and sign it in your country in front of 2 witnesses


The average Last Will and Testament costs no more than 5,000 Baht. You can be sure that your assets in Thailand will go to the correct beneficiaries!


Contact us now to get started.




Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) in Thailand

Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

This is a mandatory quarantine procedure of at least 14 days for arriving travellers at any government-accredited hotels in Bangkok. The traveller has to bear all the quarantine expenses. Several hotels in Thailand, in cooperation with different hospitals, have launched their respective Alternative State Quarantine Packages for those returning from overseas.

On the other hand, Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ) is for quarantine in cities outside Bangkok. This includes Chonburi, Phuket, and Prachinburi.

For Medical purposes, there are hospitals providing Alternative  Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) packages.

  • Travellers via Subharnabhumi or Don Mueang International Airport can be quarantined both in Bangkok and Chonburi.
  • Travellers via Phuket International Airport must be quarantined in Phuket only.
  • Evidence of quarantine from hotels or hospitals are needed for COE application.


Here are some Hotels in Thailand offering Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) packages:


  1. Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital
  2. Amara Bangkok, in partnership with Sukhumvit Hospital
  3. Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport, in partnership with CH 9 Airport Hospital
  4. Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital
  5. Anantara Siam Bangkok, in partnership with Bumrungrad International Hospital
  6. Avani Atrium Bangkok, Piyavate Hospital
  7. Bandara Suites Silom,Bangkok, in partnership with World Medical Hospital 
  8. Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok, in partnership with Piyavate Hospital
  9. Centre Point Hotel Pratunam, in partnership with World Medical Hospital 
  10. Centre Point Hotel Silom, in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital
  11. Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok, in partnership with BNH Hospital
  12. Dusit Princess Srinakarin, in partnership with Piyavate Hospital
  13. Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri Bangkok, in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital
  14. Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 Bangkok, in partnership with Bumrungrad Hospital
  15. Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam, in partnership with World Medical Hospital
  16. Hotel Clover Asoke, in partnership with Samitivej Hospital
  17. Hyatt Place Bangkok Sukhumvit, in partnership with Bangpakok 9 International Hospital
  18. Ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai, in partnership with Piyavate Hospital
  19. Lancaster Bangkok, in partnership with Piyavate Hospital
  20. Le Meridien Bangkok, in partnership with BNH Hospital
  21. Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 Bangkok, in partnership with Bumrungrad International Hospital
  22. Movenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok, in partnership with Bangkok Hospital
  23. Nouvo City Hotel Bangkok, in partnership with CH 9 Airport Hospital
  24. Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18, in partnership with Piyavate Hospital
  25. Pullman Hotel Bangkok G, in partnership with BNH Hospital
  26. Rembrandt Hotel and Suites Bangkok, in partnership with BNH Hospital
  27. Royal President Hotel Bangkok, in partnership with World Medical Hospital 
  28. Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Bangkok, in partnership with Samitivej Hospital
  29. Solitaire Bangkok, in partnership with World Medical Hospital 
  30. Somerset Rama 9 Bangkok, in partnership with Samitivej Hospital 
  31. The Canal Hotel Bangkok, in partnership with Navamin 9 Hospital
  32. The Landmark Bangkok, in partnership with Bumrungrad Hospital
  33. The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok, in partnership with World Medical Hospital 
  34. The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok, in partnership with Samitivej Hospital 
  35. Zenith Sukhumvit Hotel, in partnership with Samitivej Hospital


 For more information you can contact Hotline 1667, 1426 or

Completing Property Transfers in Thailand During Covid-19

Completing Property Transfers in Thailand

Dear Purchasers,

It has come to our attention that many clients who are due to complete on property purchases are worried because they cannot yet get back to Thailand.

We would like to advise you that there is no need to worry as the land office has a set protocol to allow property transfers in Thailand to take place and complete without the buyer actually being in Thailand.

The process in completing property transfers in Thailand during Covid-19 pandemic is as follows;

  1. We compete a specific power of attorney using the land office own form. We then email that to you in English (for your reference so you can understand what you are signing) and Thai for you to print out and sign.
  2. We also require a copy of your passport picture page signed as well.
  3. In the case the buyer owes the developer money we can accept that into our client account bank account then prepare the correct cashiers cheque’s to be paid at the land office.

The total process to get all the documents countersigned is as follows.

Once the forms are printed out via email (in the foreign country) they have to be taken to a notary public lawyer for the purchaser to sign and get witnessed. The papers then need to be sent, by post, to the legalization dept with that country to be legalized. After that they need to be taken to the Thai embassy to get the stamp. Once that is all completed they need to be all courier to us via DHL etc.

Once received the land office will allow the transfer to take place regardless that the buyer is not Thailand.

The whole process time line varies from country to country however using the United Kingdom as an example the normal time to get this all completed and returned to Thailand is around 16- 20 days.

Aerotropolis Development | EEC

EEC Aerotropolis

An aerotropolis is a city where the layout, infrastructure, industry, and economy are centered on and sustained by an airport. The aerotropolis enhances economic development within 20-30 kilometers from the airport, which serves as a multimodal “airport city” commercial center. It is similar in form to a traditional city, which contains

  1. The airport’s aeronautical, logistics, and commercial facilities, anchoring a multimodal, multifunctional airport city as its center; and
  2. Outlying corridors and clusters of aviation-oriented businesses and industries, and associated residential developments that feed off each other and their accessibility to the airport and other key transport and urban nodes.

  • – Logistics and distribution centres
  • – High-value, time-critical manufacturing firms
  • – Office buildings and business parks
  • – Hotel, convention, and exhibition complexes
  • – Tourist and entertainment venues
  • – Retail centers and wholesale merchandise marts
  • – ICT (digital) and R&D parks
  • – Bioscience and medical clusters
  • – Higher education campuses
  • – Mixed-use commercial/residential developments

The Aerotropolis proposes to provide businesses located near or with good transport access to Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao Airports with speedy connectivity to their national and worldwide suppliers, customers, clients, and enterprise partners. It also sees the opportunity to draw tourists and attract investment in high-end manufacturing and modern business services by powering up the eastern seaboard airports, seaports, and improved multimodal surface transport connectivity. In the long run, this will greatly benefit the EEC municipalities and provinces. 

EEC Aerotropolis Strategic Objectives
  1. Make the EEC the fastest, most agile, and best-connected location to do business in Southeast Asia.
  2. Improved surface transportation connects firms more efficiently to key EEC clusters and broader regional markets.
  3. Utilize speedy connectivity to attract high-value, time-critical aviation-oriented businesses and industries that will accelerate the growth and modernize the economic base of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), leading the economic transformation of the nation.
  4. Reinforce the above through labor-force upgrading and well- designed aviation-linked urban, commercial, industrial, and tourist clusters that are economically efficient, attractive, and sustainable.
  5. Fully leverage the Fifth Wave of transportation-driven development.

Reference:  Aerotropolis Business Concepts by John D. Kasarda, PhD