Rapee Memorial Day 2016

Mr. Chalermwat Wimkuktayon, CEO of Magna Carta Co., Ltd. (Chairman of The Lawyers Association of Pattaya) together with the executives and the staff of Magna Carta participated in the “Wreath-Laying Ceremony” at Pattaya Provincial Court on Rapee Day, which is the August 7 anniversary of the passing of His Royal Highness Rapeepatthanasak (Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkrithi being his official title), who is extolled as the“Father of Thai Law” and the ‘‘Founder of Model Thai Legal System’’. There were many people participating, such as the Judges of Pattaya Provincial Court and Pattaya Kwaeng Court, the state prosecutors, the Police, the important judicial agencies under the jurisdiction of Pattaya Provincial Court.