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Real Estate Services

We offer full range of Real Estate services.  Our Real Estate lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience advising and serving clients on a wide array of real estate matters.

We have recently launched a new division, MC Property Thailand.  It is one of our aims to help homeowners or business owners looking to sell their property, to find prospective buyers. At the same time, help prospective buyers to find and acquire their dream property.

We welcome property owners to tie-up with us by listing the property and we will advertise it in our website and all social media platforms. We have a licensed and trained Real Estate Brokers who could help to reach prospective buyers.

Our Real Estate Services include the following:
  • Selling, Buying and Rental of Properties
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Transfer of Property Ownership
  • Due Diligence
  • Right of Way Registration
  • Request for Land Title Deed Substitute Copy
  • Combine / Sub-divide Land
  • Application for House Registration

Please click here to view our property listing.