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Amendments to the Foreign Business Act to be proposed to the Cabinet

investment2The Commerce Ministry’s Department of Business Development (DBD) will propose that the Cabinet modernize the Foreign Business Act (FBA) and get Thailand ready for the seamless ASEAN market.

The amendment will focus on concession in order to provide fair competition for Thai and Foreign Business Investors. Furthermore, this will facilitate business growth, and eliminate the nominee issues.

Under the amended law, there will be streamlining of business regulations and foreigners will find the Thai environment more conductive to investment.

In addition, Thailand will be capable of competing under the coming regional integration, which will allow investors from the ASEAN countries to own up to 70 percent of certain service businesses.



New, Stricter Rules Established for Thailand’s Transportation

A common criticism of Thailand’s transportation such as that directed against hired car or taxis is that the drivers overcharge their customers by taking indirect longer routes. Pattaya City is among the areas affected.  As many tourists have experienced unsatisfactory customer services, a new regulation to control misbehaving drivers has been established.  In addition, drivers repeating the misconduct will be suspended for 3-7 days; and if they still fail to change their ways, their services will be permanently banned.

For more information please call Chonburi Transportation Authority Office Hotline number 1556.

DSI Crackdown on Thai Nominee Shareholding

Crackdown on Thai Nominee Shareholding

The Department of Special Investigations (DSI) had a meeting about a crackdown on foreign businesses who practice Thai nominee shareholding. This crackdown is to effectively control Thai companies.

Their objectives are for the Aliens coming to the Kingdom of Thailand, to operate their businesses according to the rules and regulations.

For more information please visit :

New Regulations for Visa Extension

New Regulations For Visa Extension

Effective 29th August 2014, the new regulations for Visa Extension or temporary stay in the Kingdom of Thailand are:

  1.  Foreign Nationals entitled for visa exemption entering with Tourist status will be allowed only one extension per visit and will not exceed 30 days from the additional stamp expiry date.
  2.  Foreign Nationals who overstay more than 90 days will be forbidden from entering the Kingdom of Thailand from 1-5 years.

For more details please visit :  or call 1111