Operational Issues

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AEC Operational Issues

Magna Carta will provide separate premises, resources and equipment for the Association headquarters to be located in Thailand as a hub.
Marketing tools and brand-building measures to be adopted and implemented by the Association’s members will be developed.

A state-of-the art server will be installed and an IT-solution will be implemented in order to facilitate:
1. Database of Laws and Regulations
2. Exchange of Information
3. Communication-(video conferences, ip-calls, e-mail etc.)
4. Access to templates and forms etc.

Establishment of the Association / Alliance

In order to initiate and constitute such an Association/Alliance we are currently conducting a screening of companies matching in profile, size and reputation in all ten ASEAN countries to be prospective members.

After due diligence is carried out only one company in each country will eventually be approached and invited to join the association/alliance in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

An AEC Officer will be appointed in each of the consenting companies to facilitate a future smooth liaison and communication between the respective companies.

We will prepare the draft memorandum of association as well as a draft code of conduct and other materials of relevance to be distributed to the consenting companies’ AEC Officers for further input, discussion and finalization.